Memento Mori

March is for me a month of sad memories. A funeral of a very close Friend was two days ago and my Brother and best Friend forever died 7 years ago. The list of my March losses is much longer. Thinking of all my loved ones who are no longer with us I have written this semi-poem “Memento Mori” as well as other published earlier semi-poems connected with Death, a part of Life, whether you want it or not. This semi-poem will be a part of the second book of “Life Wisdom” which will be entitled “Carpe Diem”.


Mornings are for distribution of energy for daily tasks, leaving some of it for

Evenings–relaxing & merry, to celebrate creative days with a glass of wine.

Morte can come tomorrow. So each day be ready to leave a trace, to help

Earth survive daily rape, poisoning of its people, animals, soil, seas & air.

Nights, if good, will erase of your mind all days of horror, struggle & stress

Time may not be on your side. Tomorrow may not come. Remember this

Omnis Dies of your life. To die fulfilled, live with passion & joyful purpose.

Morte if announced in advance usually does the impossible: triples time !

Once warned: “You’ve got three months” or weeks, a weak, dying Eagle

Resets his mind, acts & does work which earlier took him a year or more.

In fever, the Eagle keeps promises, fulfills commitments, also to himself.


COMMITMENTS  given short  deadlines by waiting Death light the brain

OPENING all its cells at once,  to give the creative process  extra power

MULTIPLYING potentials: mirroring perhaps that of some of our Masters

MIRACLES happen: in months or weeks– years worth of work gets done.

INNER strength? Faith? Character ? Integrity? Duty? Ambition? Miracle ?

TERROR of end frightens, pain makes you scream & even in such unbearable

MOMENTS & hours, a pen, computer, brush are what you hold on to. For

ETERNITY ?  Why do you care what will be here where you’ll be no longer?

NON OMNIS MORIAR means keeping commitments, to oneself and others

TRACE we want to leave. A trace, seen from the Moon for millennia, don’t we.

SUN !! Another day of potential. Carpe Diem & Memento Mori are inseparable.

You may not be a lucky one, given in advance the date of your final exit. Accept it. Don’t expect Miracles. Let Carpe Diem & Memento Mori guide your life daily. Finish packing your suitcases. So when Morte knocks on the door nothing is undone…. Easy to say? –Yes, I know.


4 thoughts on “Memento Mori

  1. Thank you Ubuntu. The 2nd book of “Life Wisodm”, entitled “Carpe Diem” will contain both semi-poems “Carpe Diem” and “Memento Mori”. The price is the same as the price of the first book “Politics in quotes” (sheep & politics) and that is $ 14 which includes postage. Prepayments via my PayPal advertised everywhere is very much appreciated. Enjoy your Sunday.


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